6 Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

Perhaps not for you, but the weather app plays a vital role in the lives of people all around the world. People use these weather applications to determine what to wear while going outside, whether they need to cancel plans, and whether locations have great weather over the weekend. On the Microsoft Store, there are a plethora of weather apps for Windows 10, each with its own set of capabilities.

Some merely give you basic weather information, while others supply you with more in-depth meteorological analyses. We’ll show you how to uncover some top weather apps for Windows 10 computers with the aid of this article. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

1. Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather is the first app on the list of Windows 10 weather apps. It is available to download for free from the Microsoft Store. The Strawberry Weather app provides all the essential weather information, including current weather, extended forecast, weather warnings, and live tile support. This weather software, however, is more than meets the eye.

Strawberry weather app for Windows 10

There are 13 different colorful themes from which the user can choose to match their Windows theme. It claims to consume only 2% of your laptop’s battery over the course of the day. It is mostly based on OpenWeatherMap, however, you can upgrade to Dark Sky for more accurate and real-time weather data. In general, a good weather program for Windows users.


  • A simple user interface
  • Provides comprehensive weather data.
  • Themes with lots of colors


  • There is no weather map or radar.

Download: Strawberry Weather

2. MyRadar

If you want a weather app that shows you all the weather information in an animated UI rather than simply numbers, MyRadar is the app for you. It’s a reliable weather app that displays weather data in the form of an interactive radar around your current location. The animation shows you what kind of weather is expected to hit you. Classic, Hi-Definition, and Temperature Map are the three radar styles available.

MyRadar weather app on Windows

The software also includes features such as an air quality index, hourly prediction, entire weekly weather information, layers to monitor severe weather situations, and the ability to track current and previous hurricanes. It has live tile support and three map types to choose from: Roads, Aerial, and Greyscale.


  • Weather data is shown in an animated fashion.
  • Weather warning issued for severe weather
  • Great detail of Weather data


  • Advertisements are included.
  • The user interface is disorganized.

Download: MyRadar

3. SimpleWeather

SimpleWeather is a simple and uncomplicated weather app for Windows 10 that lives up to its name. However, just because something is simple does not mean it is ineffective or lacking in functionality. The program will ask you for your location when you first launch it. It displays vital meteorological data such as the weekly weather prediction, pressure, humidity, wind conditions, and sunrise and sunset times.

SimpleWeather app

You can watch animated weather information such as air, ocean, particles, and more using the Radar option. Both light and dark modes are supported. Furthermore, the SimpleWeather app sends out weather warnings based on the weather supplier you select, allowing you to pick your preference.


  • The user interface is simple.
  • The Radar option displays more data.


  • The software can become stuck at times.

Download: SimpleWeather

4. MSN Weather

MSN Weather, formerly known as Bing Weather, is perhaps the greatest weather software for Windows 10. It has a simple user interface. The home screen shows current weather data for your chosen city, as well as a ten-day extended prediction that can be broken down into hourly increments. You may examine weather maps, historical weather data, and your saved places from the left bar.

MSN weather app for Windows 10

It supports Windows 10 Live Tiles and displays weather temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. To keep you updated, it will also email you severe weather reports. The radar forecast, precipitation values, satellite coverage, and cloud coverage are all displayed in animated weather mode.


  • One of the most user-friendly user interfaces
  • Simple to use and maintain


  • There were none found.

Download: MSN Weather

5. Perfect Weather Universal

The Microsoft Store offers the Perfect Weather Universal app, which is a free weather program. Some user interface features are similar to those seen in the MSN Weather app. It does, however, give you some additional benefits. It appeals to me because of the variety of themes available. The themes, such as the Mario theme, not only vary the color scheme but also include additional characters and objects.

Perfect Weather Universal

You can get weather forecasts up to 9 days in advance. It gives parameters like wind speed, pressure, day duration, and moon phase in addition to typical meteorological information. Perfect Weather Universal is available in more than 20 languages.


  • Over 20 languages are supported.
  • A simple user interface
  • Themes that are brilliant


  • At times, the app can be a little buggy.

Download: Perfect Weather Universal

6. Rainmeter Weather App For Windows 10

Rainmeter is a free and open-source application that allows you to construct widgets that pull data from a variety of sources, including weather stations, hardware installed on your computer, RSS feeds from popular blogs, and so on.

Rainmeter Weather widget

You may use the Rainmeter app to add a specialized weather widget to your Windows 10 desktop, which will display the forecast in real time in a corner. All you have to do is enter the relevant location code into the appropriate settings menu of the Rainmeter app’s Weather widget.

Download: Rainmeter

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Closing Remarks: Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

So there you have it: some of the greatest weather apps for Windows. Personally, I like the MSN Weather app because it is simple to use and delivers all of the information I require. Furthermore, it is pre-installed on every Windows 10 PC. However, several weather applications described in this post can provide more detailed information.

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