Troubleshoot Red LED Rockspace WiFi Booster

Rockspace WiFi Booster can seamlessly cover the difficult-to-reach areas. The rockspace WiFi device should be properly placed to take the WiFi signal from the main WiFi router. So that it can push it to other devices to connect to it from a higher distance. After taking over the whole home WiFi mesh system it still can work great for extra WiFi coverage. Besides the mesh system, it also offers you a wireless extender system that can effectively connect to all the routers. It works perfectly when you are taking online classes from home or want to access them in the backyard of the house.

With re.rockspace.local you can set up the Rockspace range extender that connects to your home. It also offers you the WPS button connection that just needs to be pressed for a few minutes. Then it will automatically connect to the whole home network connection. However, the single Ethernet port will allow you to connect to any WiFi device that may benefit you from the wired connection. It also includes an Ethernet switch, reset button, and the factory default settings.

Easy Tricks to solve the Rockspace WiFi Booster Issues

The Rockspace WiFi Booster provides you with a good WiFi connection when it is correctly situated. It will deliver breakthrough WiFi coverage that can cover up to 1290 square feet of area. Therefore, the setup, configuration, or installation is not a big cumbersome if it is properly done. No doubt, the user usually faces an issue with the device. That’s why we assist in this article to troubleshoot the major Rockspace problems. Moreover, it comes with four external antennas that fit along the side of its body.

Thus, you can move the place of the antennas for the best connection with the wifi router. Along with that, it has three indicator LED lights that shows the signal strength with the WiFi device. The WPS LED and the power LED to indicate the correct signal strength with other wifi-enabled devices.

Fixing the disconnecting issues with the Rockspace WiFi extender

Generally, the Rockspace wifi extender disconnects when the router is having a network error or it shuts down due to some reason. Also, you need to check for the physical interference that might be the cause for the extender to disconnect with wifi-enabled devices. Another reason is the network error that will disconnect all the devices. In order to resolve this problem, you need to disconnect the wifi-connected devices and then search for an Ethernet cable. Therefore connect the first LAN port of the Rockspace repeater to the LAN port of the wifi client device. Hereafter open the web browser and then enter re.rockspace.local into the dashboard of the address bar. Try this and the solution will definitely work out.

Configuration issues with the Rockspace WiFi Booster

The configuration issues with the Rockspace wireless repeater are not working effectively because of internet issues. It also happens when the URL is not entered correctly. The first thing you need to do is check for the stability of the internet connection. Also, make sure that is appropriately working from the wifi router to the wifi extender.

When the host router is working then ensure that the Rockspace extender should be placed within the minimum range of the router and the wifi-enabled devices. Hereafter the URL HTTP ap.setup of the Rockspace must be this and makes sure that LED will prove the stability in the wifi connection. Otherwise, you can also reset the range extender which is also the best option to get rid of the problem.

Major Key solution to all the Rockspace range extender problems

From the major problems of the Rockspace extender, there is one problem that disturbs the users most. And that problem is the red LED issue with the Rockspace normal extender. Well, the LEDs show the accurate and the inaccurate connection between the range extender and the wifi router. When the power LED is solid blue then it means the position of the wifi-connected devices is proper. This is the same with the red LED in which the LED turned out to be red when the normal extender is relocated far away from the router.

So to avoid the red LED error you need to change the place so that it can pass an effective wifi connection. Also, it is very important to understand the efforts of the LED light so that you can avoid the problem with the Rockspace device during its very first stage.

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