Best 5 Trending Technologies 2022

Trending Technologies is the only change that everyone wants in life for better experience and ease. Modern-day technologies evolve very fast because technology is on a cutting edge nowadays. There are various types of technologies that are most trending in 2021 to discuss.

Here we discuss top 5 trending technologies in 2022, which are listed below:

5G is the modern and next-generation mobile cellular technology that enables the fastest network technology of smartphones. By developer community 5G expected 20Gbps Downlink speed and 10Gbps Uplink speed, which makes the cellular mobile network 20 times faster than the current 4G LTE.

Currently this technology is running in the U.S, South Korea and Switzerland closely with compatibility. The listed mobile companies using 5G Technology Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm.

2- IoB (Internet of Behavior)

Data Use and Collection to drive or Determine the behavior is called Internet of Behavior (IoB). One leading example of IoB is found in Industrial Site because it is need of industrial sites.

Where the majority of Employees search many of the others on the internet where the admin enables the IoB and is analyzed by the organization heads. It is one of the trending technologies 2021.

In Internet Behavioral data analysis the, Public work under the government protocols. IoB gather data from many of sources including:

  • Citizen data processed by Public-Sector
  • Commercially Data of Customers
  • Agencies of Government
  • Social Media Data
  • Track the Location

Here are some major companies invested in IoB Protocols, these are Listed Below:

  • AWS
  • Cisco
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Dell & HP.

3. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Today’s most demanding and efficient way to achieve technological barriers is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). In this process the AI industries develop Bots to cover all work load where humans only need a voice command that can control the Robotics Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

Most Used condition or rules in Robotics “if-then-this and that” rule. Artificial Intelligence improved day after day because it is a need. The IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Industry will reach $235 billion by 2025.

The Top and Only Companies that are invested in IPA which is top trending technologies 2021 are listed below:

  • Microsoft
  • KPMG
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DevSecOps is the short form of “Development, Security and Operation”. The main feature of DevSecOps is to maintain and apply Security, Development and Operation on data at the same scale of working model.

This is not the end of DevSecOps highly recommended and used in emerging Industries in which the model needs to be worked at the fast and on the same scale. This development, security and operation format is exploring the different and various aspects. Which are technological terms like GitOps, DataOps and NoOps. Some of advanced companies invested in DevSecOps are listed below here:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Service)
  • NASA( National Aeronautics Space Administration)
  • DELL
  • Oracle
  • Capegmini

The most important and wanted technology is cyber security because so many organizations are undergoing transformation digitally. Cyber security is not only used in large organizations but also used for a big need in small industrial areas.

There is no new thing in cyber security but its trends definitely are. Here we discuss about two types of Cyber Security trends listed below:

  • Block Chain Cyber Security

Blockchain is basically in form of a Database in which all the transactions are essentially irreversible and it decentralized the blockchain technology. The Blockchain cyber security make system automated in which data is stored also provides data integrity.

  • Virtual Dispersive Network (VDN)

VDN is a unique approach in cyber security because it sends the signals with a burst of Quantum Data Packets. One more thing is notable, this network allows the sender to send quantum data packets in multiple stream channels. It makes it more difficult to interrupt from outside that’s why data is in the safe form transmitted.


In this article, we are going to tell you about modern-day technologies with rapid changes in them. These are the most demanding ones, if you want to know more about different trending technologies in 2022 then explore our site

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