7 Best Talking Photo Apps for Android and iOS

If you’ve arrived at this website, you’ve probably seen a video of someone singing O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei on social media. Those vids are fun to see. While the internet would have you believe that some complex program is at work, making these cute little videos is as simple as pressing a button. To assist you in selecting and recreating those films, I’ve compiled a list of all the talking photo apps for android and iOS. Let’s get started.

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Before Using Talking Photo Apps for Android and iOS

The apps listed below use artificial intelligence to make ‘Deepfakes’ video clips. Deepfakes should not be used to disseminate misinformation, racism, or other illegal or illegitimate goals. Please enjoy and entertain yourself with the apps.

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1. My Heritage- Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia is an AI-driven photo animator, while My Heritage is a DNA finding service that provides insight into your heritage. It allows you to animate old images of your loved ones and relive the lovely experiences you shared with them. Simply upload a photo to the website, and it will convert it into an animated video in seconds. While the service is free, the video has a watermark, and you can only animate a certain number of photos. You can get an unlimited number of photo animations and other features by purchasing a subscription to the service. However, if you only want to animate a few photographs, it’s completely free.

My Heritage- Deep Nostalgia

Available on the web.

Check out Deep Nostalgia (free-trial | $2/month)

2. Biugo- Video Maker

Biugo is a popular talking photo program that allows you to make animated videos out of photos. The program provides templates for creating films from existing photographs, with many options to pick from. Select a template, add a few images, and wait for the process to complete. The video can then be saved on your phone or shared on social media. There are a few templates available, including Know It by LMFAO and Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone. The monthly subscription is $9.99, and you can see an ad for a one-time production for free.

Biugo talking photo app for android and iOS

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Biugo on Android | iOS (free, $9.99/month)

3. Talkr Talking Photo Apps for Android and iOS

Talkr is a simple program with a single goal: to make photos talk. The program employs smart techniques to place anchors at key face expression locations including the brows, eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. To map the face, the software uses smart tactics to place anchors at facial expression locations like the brows, eyes, lips, cheeks, and so on. Your template is now complete. You can then use your voice to record an audio clip, add speech to text, or upload an audio file. The program would then process your words and create an animated video of you saying them. The software doesn’t always do a good job of replicating the mouth, and the head movements aren’t always accurate. Talkr, on the other hand, allows you the entire control over the video creation process, allowing you to make the image say whatever you want. The software is free to use, but it does include a watermark that can be removed for $9.99.

Talkr talking picture apps

Available on iOS.

Get Talkr on iOS (free, $9.99)

4. Reface- Swap Faces with Celebrities

Reface was one of the first apps to successfully use AI in face switching. The program already offers a lot of videos of popular music videos, movies, memes, and other things. You begin by scanning your face once, and the program will instantly make films with your face replaced. Reface does a good job of recreating the face, but it has a hard time dealing with facial hair. The final films come with a watermark that you can remove for $2.49/week if you utilize Reface.

Reface Swap Faces with Celebrities

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Reface for Android | iOS (free-trial, $2.49/week)

5. Tokking Heads- Create Talking Pictures

Tokking Heads is an AI-powered app that uses your still image to make a short video. You can use your own photo or one of the existing images of prominent people like Elon Musk, Kanye West, Cardi B, and others. After you’ve chosen your still image, you can choose your music and video. You may even capture live video and add your own voice to the footage using the app. Tokking Heads is free with a watermark on finished clips, but you can upgrade to the premium version for $3.99 a week with a subscription.

Tokking Heads Create Talking Pictures

Available on iOS

Get Tokking Heads for iOS (free-trial, $3.99/week)

6. Avtarify- Enliven Your Photo

Another talking picture app is Avtarify, which turns your motionless face into a humorous meme. The program includes viral video templates such as What is Love (Jim Carrey version), PPAP, Rickroll, and a variety of other clips. Avtarify also features a live model that allows you to record a brief clip with Elon Musk, Jackie Chan, the Mona Lisa, a dog, and a baby’s face. The software is free to use, but videos include a watermark. With a $2.49/week membership, you can get rid of them.

Avtarify Enliven Your Photo

Available on iOS

Get Avtarify for iOS (free trial, $2.49/week)

7. Wombo- Make Your Selfies Sing

Wombo is one of the most popular talking photo apps, and it, like other apps, employs artificial intelligence to make funny films from still images. The user interface is well-designed, and generating clips is simple. Start by uploading a photo and selecting a music file, then sit back and wait for the program to work its magic. The program contains over 90 music clips, including all the most popular and meme-worthy noises. Wombo is a free-to-play game with a watermark. For $4.49/month, you may get rid of the advertisements, remove the watermark, and gain access to premium content.

Wombo talking photo app for android and iOS

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Wombo for Android (free, $4.49/month)

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Conclusion: Talking Photo Apps Android iOS

These are some of the best talking photographs apps for making a quick video clip with your face. Wombo and Avtarify are well-designed apps that you will enjoy using. Reface and Tokking Heads, similar to deepfakes, allow you to put your face on existing videos. So, what’s your go-to photo-talking app? Please notify me via Twitter.

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