Share Highlighted Text for Any Web Page on Chrome

Google has begun to highlight text depending on your search query in recent versions. It just emphasizes what it considers to be the best response to your search query, so you don’t have to read the entire article. Similarly, you may share merely a portion of the text with anybody you like, although this is not immediately obvious and most users are unaware of how to do so. On Chrome, here’s how to share highlighted text for any web page chrome.

Update: By default, Chrome now allows you to share highlighted text. Simply right-click and select “Copy link to highlight” from the menu.

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Use Highlight Tool for Chrome (Extension)

We’ll utilize the Link to Text Fragment Chrome extension, which allows you to effortlessly highlight any text and share it with a specific link. It works with any Chromium-based browser without any problems. When you have a lengthy document, this function is also useful.

1. Install the Link to Text Fragment extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Link to Text Fragment extension page

2. When asked at the top of the tab, click Add extension to allow Chrome to install extensions.

Add highlight tool extension for Chrome

3. In the upper right corner of the screen, a new extension icon will appear in the extensions tab.

New extension icon

4. Finally, right-click any piece of text on any webpage to bring up the context menu. Click the Copy Link to Selected Text option at the bottom. This will produce a link to the precise text that may be shared.

Generating a link to a specific text on Chrome

5. You’ll also watch a preview of the highlights (in the yellow background). If you’re happy with the wording you’ve chosen, just copy and paste the link into any chat, email, or social media app where you’d like to share it.

Share highlighted text for any web page on Chrome

Get Link to Text Fragment

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Final Verdict: Share Highlighted Text on Chrome

I hope you now have a better understanding of how to share selected text from any web page in Chrome. This is especially useful for students and professors who wish to share key sections of a research paper or article with others. You may also share the extension with your friends, saving you the time of scrolling through pages of content. This way you can easily share highlighted text on Chrome.

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