How to Make Background Transparent In Canva

Canva stands out in a sea of graphic design tools with its creative features, drag-and-drop editor, dozens of rich templates, and more. With clever add-ons and frictionless sharing possibilities, the multi-billion Australian start-up is shaking up the design business. Making the backdrop transparent while exporting the design is one of the best Canva features. Follow along to discover how to make an image’s background transparent with the Canva software.

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Make Background Transparent In Canva

Text, pictures, layers, and graphic components may all be layered on top of each other in a professional graphic design tool like Canva to create a coherent design.

To begin with, layering these pieces only works with a transparent background. To use transparent backgrounds in Canva, you no longer need to be a skilled designer or a power user. You may easily create a transparent background in Canva if you have selected the Premium pricing tier.

Why Would You Need a Graphic to Have a Transparent Background

When stacking photos, make sure the background is transparent. A picture with a translucent background can be layered to produce eye-catching, professional-looking designs, whether you’re adding a watermark to your images, generating graphics for social media, or developing print materials for your marketing campaign.

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How to Make Background Transparent In Canva

We’ll develop a design from scratch in the example below, and you’ll see how much of a difference a transparent backdrop can make to the finished image.

1: Go to Canva’s main page.

2: Log in with your account credentials or establish a new account instantly with Google or Facebook credentials.

3: Design a new logo from the ground up. I’m creating a bespoke TechList logo with TL initials in the example below.

Canva to make the background transparent

4: I tried to make an example logo for the post using square elements.

5: For the time being, I’m keeping the logo’s primary color orange.

6: When I select the Download button in the upper right corner after finishing the design, I have the choice of using the transparent backdrop.

Download logo without background

7: I downloaded the produced logo with and without the translucent background for the demo.

Now view both photos from the file management menu to see one with an unattractive white backdrop and the other with a transparent background that you may use in subsequent design projects.

in Canva, make a transparent logo

How to Remove Background From Canva

Assume I simply have a text or logo image on a white or another colored background. I can no longer use it in any poster because it does not look decent. Instead, then using third-party programs to erase the backdrop, you can do so directly in Canva.

Yes, you read that correctly. Canva includes a backdrop removal feature that allows you to make adjustments without leaving the app. Allow me to elaborate using the logo that was already downloaded.

1: Go to Canva’s main page and create a poster or graphic.

2: I’m making a blog post feature image for a hypothetical TechList website in the example below.

3: With the TL logo that we made, I’d like to add personal branding.

4: From the left sidebar, go to Uploads and upload the white-background image.

Upload logo to canvas

5: Now, when you try to include it in the poster, it will appear unattractive and out of place.

6: Select the image and go to the upper menu bar and select Effects.

Remove the logo's background

7: Choose Background Remover, wait a minute, and you’ll have a neat logo to utilize.

8: Select the Transparency symbol in the upper right corner, which is set to 100 by default.

Transparency slider in canvas

9: Adjust the logo’s transparency with the slider till you’re pleased.

That’s it. After you’ve added the logo, you’re ready to download the poster from Canva.

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Wrap Up: Make Background Transparent in Canva

Canva is a fantastic graphic design program. The user interface is simple to use, and functions are straightforward to locate and operate. It is accessible as a web app and for Android and iOS platforms. Canva, like Figma, has a web-first approach, hence there are no desktop apps. Go ahead and give it a shot, and see what you can come up with for posters, resumes, and infographics.

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