7 Best Interior Design Apps to Reinvent Your Room

When you hire pros to help you with your interior design, it can be quite costly. There are interior design applications to help with the process, whether you’re on a budget or a blossoming enthusiast who simply wants to do things their own way. In fact, augmented reality (AR) can greatly aid in visualizing the final product. We’ve found some of the greatest interior design apps for Android and iOS that you can use to create and decorate your dream home.

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Best Interior Home Design Apps

Redecorating your home, or even just a room, is a multi-step process that begins with measuring the dimensions, selecting the appropriate furniture, designing a layout, and picturing the finished product before purchasing any furniture or decorative items. That’s why I’ve opted to preserve a balanced selection of home interior design applications to assist you with your weekend project.

1. Measure

Apple’s default leveling and measuring program, Measure, may be used to obtain rough measurements and level things. If you need to measure something in your room and don’t have enough tape, this is the first app you should try. Internal sensors operate at a spirit level, and AR is used to calculate the length and size of the items.

Measure app to calculate dimensions

The app is accurate to a few millimeters if you have an iPhone 12 Pro or an iPad Pro with a LiDAR sensor, but it still works well without it. The measure is a free iPhone and iPad app for interior design.


  • Spirit Level (Inbuilt)
  • AR-based evaluation
  • LiDAR sensor for maximum precision


  • Error margin with non-LiDAR devices
  • Measurements are not saved.

Get Measure (iOS only)

2. Cam to Plan

Cam to Plan is an augmented reality (AR) measuring app that allows you to build complete floor plans on your iPhone. Like Measure, it uses the camera to map out a room’s floor and allows you to measure it by placing digital flags in each corner. The room doesn’t have to be a rectangle; it may be an n-sided polygon, and the software will still map it out perfectly.

Cam to Plan

You may save the file as a picture or share it as a PDF immediately from the iPhone once you’ve measured the floor. However, only the pro version allows you to export the saved files. The Pro version is available for $2.99 per month or a one-time cost of $30. Cam to Plan also offers a 7-day free trial so you can try out the features.


  • Take measurements of the floor, walls, and even ceilings.
  • Save the layout as a picture.
  • Send as PDFs


  • Even if LiDAR is accessible, the program does not use it.
  • Measurements are only estimates.

Get Cam to Plan for iOS | Android (free trial, $3/month)

3. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler is a free visualizer tool that allows you to visualize how your room might appear with new furnishings. A digital layout can be created in three different ways. You can use augmented reality, an existing image, or one of the provided templates. After you’ve created the image, begin arranging furniture to see how the room will appear later.

Homestyler Interior Design

There’s a good selection of 3D models of popular furniture like sofa sets, chairs, cupboards, and TV stands. It’s simple to save the design as an image for future reference once you’ve finished envisioning. Homestyler is a 3D home design app that is absolutely free.


  • A good selection of furniture models
  • The ability to develop a design using existing images


  • The augmented reality model is broken.
  • There is no way to wander around the layout in 3D.

Get Homestyler Interior Design for iOS (free)

4. Roomle

Roomle is a room visualization tool that allows you to construct a digital replica of your room and furnish it. The app features a large collection of 3D furniture that you can place on your floor plan or use the AR feature to place in your space and see how it appears. After everything is in place, use the app’s 3D room creator to walk around the room. You may get a decent sense of the final layout by looking at some of IKEA’s most popular furniture styles.

Roomle 3d walk around of interior design

One of the best room planner apps is also free to try, but it only allows you to position furniture using augmented reality. To unlock floor plans and the whole inventory, you can start a membership. Roomle is $5.99 for three months.


  • A large selection of furniture models
  • Walkthrough in 3D
  • Ability to visualize by changing the color of the wall


  • In the free version, there is only a one-floor plan.

Get Roomle for iOS (free, $5.99/3 months)

5. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is another excellent interior design program with a user-friendly interface for planning and visualizing. It’s beautifully designed and prioritizes your interests and aesthetic preferences first, asking you a series of questions to customize the catalog to your preferences. Planner not only allows you to place furniture in a space using augmented reality and 3D models, but it also allows you to add structural elements like columns, gates, arches, fences, and trees.

Planner 5d the best interior design apps

The app’s catalog has over 5000 goods, including furniture, appliances, household items, and more. The best thing is that all the products and layouts are high-resolution, allowing you to create a photorealistic rendering of your dream design. Planner 5D is free to trial and has restricted capabilities that may be unlocked with a $59 annual or $6.99 monthly subscription.


  • Realistic renderings
  • Catalog with almost 5000 products
  • Customized designs


  • The basic plan only has five textures.

Get Planner 5D for iOS | Android (free trial, $6.99/month)

6. Live Home 3D

The most comprehensive interior house design app on this list is Live Home 3D. It allows you to design a thorough floor plan of your room or house and then turn it into a 3D-rendered environment in a matter of seconds. You may also scan the room with augmented reality. You may construct any size or form of the room, from a square to a polygon, and fill it with appliances, furniture, a fireplace, a kitchen, and more.

Live home 3d full-fledged interior design app

It’s also practical to change every part of your floor plan to achieve an exact layout rather than a rough estimate. Live Home 3D is free to use, however saving and exporting your projects requires a membership. The monthly subscription costs $4.99.


  • A comprehensive list of construction materials and structural elements
  • The 2D layout is rendered in 3D in real-time.
  • Tools for precise layout design


  • On a smartphone screen, the interface and controls feel cramped.

Get Live Home 3D for iOS (free, $4.99/month)

7. Houzz

When you’re looking for ideas for redecorating your home or room, Houzz is the only app you’ll need. Houzz provides a large collection of high-quality images of current rooms with various designs, rather than sophisticated tools to create the layout. You can search for them by style, region, or room. Houzz provides more than 20 million photographs and allows you to shop for furniture directly from the app.

Houzz biggest catalog of interior design photos

With the AR preview tool, you can get a clear concept of how the furniture will look in your room. You also have the option to engage local pros directly from the app, because let’s face it, you’ll need them at some time. Houzz is completely free to use.


  • 20 million high-resolution interior images
  • Style, location, and room filters are available.
  • A built-in marketplace for furniture purchases


  • You can’t browse without first registering.

Get Houzz for iOS | Android (free)

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Closing Remarks: Best Interior Design Apps

These are some of the greatest interior home design apps for getting started on redesigning your house. The list includes anything from simple measuring tools to full-fledged VR and 3D interior design apps. Cam to Plan is an excellent measurement tool for laying out a room, while Live Home 3D is an app that allows you to imagine your home by creating it from the ground up. Which interior home design app is your favorite? Please notify me via Twitter.

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