Get Edge’s Vertical Tab Features on Chrome and Firefox

Vertical tabs, a new feature in Microsoft Edge, almost convinced me to convert. It makes greater use of my desktop’s 16:9 aspect ratio. After years of having the same tabs grouped at the top, it’s also refreshing to utilize a different layout. However, moving to a new browser is not something I want to do. As a result, I’ve chosen to add vertical tabs to the browsers I generally use. If you don’t want to transfer browsers, here’s how to get vertical tab features in Chrome and Firefox.

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How to Get Vertical Tab Features in Chrome

Extensions such as Side-wise Tree Style Tabs, Tab Tree, Tab Manager Plus, and others can help you get vertical tabs in Chrome. However, the majority of them have a terrible user interface or a difficult-to-understand layout. Following our testing of various extensions, these are the ones we recommend for getting vertical tabs in Chrome.

1. Vertical Tabs by Michael

This is by far the greatest extension for creating vertical tabs in the manner you desire. The interface, including the minimize button, is identical to Edge’s vertical tabs. Unlike Edge, you can customize the sidebar position, pinching webpages, tab titles, dark mode, and more. The extension is simple to use and, when compared to other extensions, switching tabs, shutting tabs, and opening new tabs is really faster.

Vertical Tabs by Michael

However, there are a few drawbacks. The most prominent is that it is incompatible with the Chrome Web Store, new tab page, and other pages such as history and settings.


  • It resembles the vertical tabs on the Edge.
  • Options to enable dark mode, adjust the position of the sidebar, and so on.


  • A new tab, settings, history, Chrome Web Store, and other Chrome pages do not operate.
  • After minimization, the extension must be enabled each time.

Download Vertical Tabs by Michael

2. Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

Although this isn’t an identical reproduction of Edge’s vertical tabs, one feature, in particular, made this extension a favorite of mine. It displays all the tabs from all the windows, making toggling tabs across numerous windows a breeze. You can actually see all the open tabs in one clean view because you have a lot of vertical space. It also gives you the choice of showing only tabs in the current window or dividing them with separators.

Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

However, this extension does not add any vertical tabs to the browser. It appears in its own window. To utilize the browser and vertical tabs at the same time, you must either hit Alt+Tab every time or use the split-screen option.


  • All tabs from all windows are displayed.
  • Allows for some modest tweaks in terms of customizing.


  • When your vertical tab is mixed with a profusion of windows, it opens in a different window, making it difficult to access.
  • The tabs are a little small, and there is no way to resize them.

Download Vertical Tabs by Samihaddad

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How to Get Vertical Tab Features in Firefox

Firefox, like Chrome, has a slew of add-ons that add vertical tabs. However, Firefox add-ons are far superior, with a more user-friendly interface and comparable functionality. Though I could easily recommend four to five add-ons, I’ve selected two that I believe are well-designed.

1. Tab Center Reborn by Melanie Chauvel

Tab Center accomplishes a lot more than I expected. It not only displays tabs in a vertical layout but also thumbnails. This might be a small feature but helps me quickly spot the tab I want to open. In any case, you have a few options to disable such functions in the settings. This also supports your browser theme, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with your browser.

Tab Center Reborn by Melanie Chauvel

There aren’t any drawbacks other than the fact that it doesn’t look like a vertical tab. Nonetheless, it improves the quality of the work.


  • To make it easier to recognize the tab, it displays a thumbnail next to it.
  • It looks like an in-built choice because it blends into the browser interface.


  • If you see it as a negative, it doesn’t genuinely look like a vertical tab as it does with Edge.

Download Tab Center Reborn by Mélanie Chauvel

2. Tree Style Tab by Piro

Tree Style Tab may not be an identical reproduction, but in the world of vertical tabs, it offers significantly more capability. You can create a hierarchical list of tabs by creating a parent tab and child tabs beneath it. It’s convenient to manage tabs by grouping and collapsing all child tabs with one click.

Tree Style Tab by Piro

My only problem is that tabs are so small that I occasionally unintentionally click on the tab above or below. It can take some time to adjust.


  • The layout is in the form of a tree, with tabs that can be organized in a hierarchy.


  • Tabs are too small, and there are no choices for resizing them.

Download Tree Style Tab by Piro

Wrap up: Get Vertical Tab Features in Chrome and Firefox

While Chrome’s vertical tab extensions are similar to Edge’s vertical tabs, Firefox add-ons are far more usable and functional. In any case, any of the following extensions or add-ons will suffice.

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