Figma vs Adobe XD: Better Design App for Beginners

Figma is the newest buzzword in the design and prototyping world, with major businesses scurrying to produce their own versions. XD is Adobe’s answer to Figma, featuring a seamless connection with Adobe’s other programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. Figma is the new kid on the block, forcing other kids to step up their game. Adobe has answered, but we still need to figure out how these two prototype and design tools differ and which one is best for your needs. Let’s see the complete detail of Figma vs Adobe XD.

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Figma vs Adobe XD

Figma is an online prototype and design tool that allows for real-time collaboration. Adobe XD, on the other hand, has a well-designed user interface that is tightly integrated with other Adobe products. Figma and Adobe XD both appear to be robust on the surface, but each has its own set of capabilities that make it suited for a specific audience. We’ll look at which design program is best suited for them in this comparison.

1. Availability

Figma is a web-based application that can be used from any computer with an internet connection. Furthermore, there are full-featured programs for Windows and Mac, allowing you to manage your workflow from any device. The Android and iOS versions allow you to observe live updates but do not allow you to create.

Download the Figma app

XD, on the other hand, is exclusively available as software for Windows and Mac that can be synced with Creative Cloud. There is also no smartphone companion app. If you want to work online, Figma is the clear winner.

Adobe XD download

Figma: 1

Adobe XD: 0

2. User Interface

Figma and Adobe XD are the most popular UX design programs, and both provide an easy and responsive user interface. Both Figma and XD, whether used in a web browser or on a computer, work admirably. The toolbar is at the top of Figma, and XD is in the left window. XD, on the other hand, resembles Figma more than other Adobe applications.

Figma user interface with intuitive layout

Unlike Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD have a bright theme and do not offer the option of using a dark theme. Nonetheless, because it’s a cosmetic design choice, I’ll overlook that; however, Adobe’s dark mode in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects is inconsistent.

Adobe XD User Interface

Figma: 1

Adobe XD: 0

3. Design: Figma vs Adobe XD

Although Figma is the most popular, XD has just as intuitive design tools to help you create great designs. Rectangle, oval, polygon, text box, line, pen tool, and other common tools are available in both Figma and XD. The implementation is what distinguishes the two. Figma has a number of little but important features. For example, you may use a slider to smooth out the corners, giving you iOS-style rounded corners that flow perfectly into the edge.

Figma Design

Figma Corner smoothing adjustment, XD on the other hand, is not inferior in terms of tool prowess and has most of the same functionality as Figma. You can construct an object, move it about, manipulate the roundness of individual corners, instantly change color and stroke, apply shadow and blur, and so on. In fact, because both applications have comparable implementations, you can learn one and immediately start working on the other. On both Figma and XD, you can click the anchor point on the object and convert the sharp corner to a rounded one while creating a polygon. The right-hand properties pane provides granular control over both software.

Adobe XD design window

Figma wins out, in the end, thanks to its corner smoothing capability and better execution.

Figma: 2

Adobe XD: 0

4. Prototyping

Following the design, you prototype your idea using Figma and XD’s built-in features. You can leverage Figma’s intuitive set of triggers with your project, such as on tap, drag, hover, and so on. You have the option of animating the transition using an existing template or creating your own. You can’t link pages and execute transitions as smoothly in Figma as you can in Sketch and XD, as I noted in the Figma vs Sketch comparison.

Figma Prototyping panel

XD is a well-designed prototype interface that allows you to connect numerous art boards in a single project. It’s superior since you get a sense of how things would work in the project’s final stages. A more accurate representation of the workflow. Additionally, XD features a lot better prototyping workspace with dozens of animation templates that allow you to rapidly link one page to another. When you need to construct large projects with hundreds of pages, it’s a little better for prototyping.

Adobe Prototyping with multipage links

Figma: 2

Adobe XD: 1

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5. Real-Time Collaboration

The main advantage of Figma was that it was truly collaborative; however, Adobe XD has caught up and now enables real-time collaboration as well. On both tools, the approach is roughly the same: you create a project, invite people, and get to work.

Figma real-time collaboration

The only difference is that Adobe XD requires a Creative Cloud account, while Figma does not. Apart from that, both programs perform equally well.

Co-editing in Adobe XD

Figma: 2

Adobe XD: 1

6. Plugins and Resources

The community support behind both programs is what sets them apart. Both Figma and Adobe XD acquire support for plugins and resources. Figma has a large list of plugins that increase the functionality and improve your productivity in new and intuitive ways, whereas XD and Figma competes evenly on the resource front.

Figma most popular plugins

Figma: 3

Adobe XD: 1

7. Price: Figma vs Adobe XD

Adobe, like Figma, surprising offers XD for free to novices. Adobe XD’s free plan allows you to create one document with co-editing, share a link to that document, and store 2 GB in Creative Cloud. Figma, on the other hand, provides infinite editors and storage for three files.

Pricing plan of Figma

Figma removes all constraints for $12/month per editor, while Adobe XD does so for $10. If you want Adobe XD for a team, however, the subscription is $22/month per editor.

Adobe XD pricing plan

Check out Figma (free, $12/month)

Check out Adobe XD (free, $9/month)

Closing Remarks: Figma vs Adobe XD

Adobe XD and Figma is a strong design tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and create amazing creations. Figma focuses on accessibility and intuitiveness, but it also provides a comprehensive set of tools for complex projects. Adobe XD uses the Adobe ecosystem to provide a seamless transition from Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe products.

You may easily import projects from those programs and incorporate them into your XD process. XD does have benefits, such as a better prototyping interface that allows you to generate powerful designs, but this is dependent on your use case. If you’re a freelance designer with a few assignments, I’d recommend Figma and Adobe XD if your company already has a Creative Cloud subscription. What are your thoughts? Which tool do you like to use? Please notify me via Twitter.

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