16 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Chrome is my preferred online browser, as it is for two-thirds of all desktop users worldwide. Google Chrome is at the heart of it all, whether you’re a student attempting to finish your papers or a working professional hoping between Slack and YouTube. Chrome add-ons that can help you increase your productivity and surfing experience are a good idea. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Chrome extensions for productivity.

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Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

While Chrome extensions might help you enhance your workflow, having too many can slow you down and cause latency. Particularly if your computer isn’t powerful enough. We recommend installing just the extensions you require and using extension managers to deactivate them when not in use.

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1. Hoverzoom+ | Quickly Preview Images Without Clicking

Hoverzoom+ has been a huge part of my Google Chrome experience since it provides a simple method to preview photos on the web. When I’m looking for stock pictures and mockups, I go through a lot of images on the internet. By lingering over the link in Hoverzoom+, I can get a full-sized preview that opens on top of the webpage. Naturally, this saves me a lot of time and eliminates the need for many tabs. It’s an absolute must-have.

Hoverzoom+ Chrome Extension to boost Productivity

Add Hoverzoom+ to Chrome

2. Zoom Scheduler | Schedule Zoom Meetings

Zoom Scheduler is a useful Chrome productivity plugin for scheduling meetings and synchronizing events with Google Calendar. The goal is to obtain a seamless notice across all of your devices, similar to what you’d get if you used Google Meet. Not only would the extension allow you to book a meeting for yourself, but it would also allow you to schedule meetings for others. There are many more Zoom extensions available for advanced users to investigate.

Zoom scheduler chrome extension to improve productivity

Add Zoom Scheduler to Chrome

3. Sauron | Dark Mode for Google Chrome

The problem with most dark mode Chrome extensions is that they just flip the page, replacing white with black and so on. Additionally, photos remain the same, which is why those extensions do not provide a decent experience. Sauron, on the other hand, provides the option of dimming the graphics as well as reversing the text and the backdrop. It outperforms the majority of Chrome add-ons.

Sauron-dark mode Chrome extension

Add Sauron to Chrome

4. INSSIST | Post to Instagram from Desktop

Instagram is a mobile-first app, and there isn’t even an official version for the iPad. On the other hand, you may browse Instagram on your PC but not post to it. The Inssist Chrome extension turns your desktop browser into a mobile interface, complete with capabilities like photo publishing, IGTV, downloading posts, and dark mode. Inssist is a good alternative for Instagram if you’re an Instagram pro who wants to handle your social media on the desktop.

Inssist Chrome extension for Instagram

Add INSSIST to Chrome

5. Minimal Twitter | Remove Clutter from Twitter

Despite the fact that Twitter is the polar opposite of productivity, I still get the most up-to-date information from reliable sources, and most news breaks first on Twitter. I have determined the issue to be the Twitter trends area, which bombards you with trends that you don’t even want to know about. Minimal Twitter is a useful Chrome plugin that hides all the useless portions of Twitter, such as trends, Who to Follow, and so on. All you receive after installing the plugin is a beautiful, clean feed, so you don’t get distracted. Check out these Twitter Chrome extensions if you prefer to use Twitter on Chrome.

Minimal twitter Chrome extension

Add Minimal Twitter to Chrome

6. Meet Chat Notifications | Get Text-Style Notifications On Google Meet

Google Meet is equally popular as Zoom, with thousands of users across the world. However, one legitimate issue I discovered with Google Meet is that you do not receive any Chat alerts. You will not be aware of any messages unless you open the Chat tab. Meet Chat Notifications saves the day by retrieving all the most recent chat messages and sending them as a Text notice. It’s quite useful, and you should look at additional Google Meet-related Chrome extensions.

Meet notifications for chrome

Add Meet Chat Notifications to Chrome

7. Volume Control for Chrome | Mute a Tab on Chrome

Individual tab muting has been removed in Chrome, and you can now only mute a single website. This was such a common issue among users that it spawned this add-on. On Google Chrome, you may not only silence individual tabs but also regulate their loudness.

Volume control extension

Add Volume Control for Chrome to Chrome

8. Google Results Previewer | Hover to Preview a Webpage

I use Google Results Previewer to preview links without opening dozens of tabs, just as Hoverzoom+. It sits nicely in the extensions section, and all you have to do to load the page is a mouse over any Google results link. When you need to swiftly skim through a multitude of results for your task or project, it comes in helpful.

Google results viewer

Add Google Results Previewer to Chrome

9. Google Keep Chrome Extension | Add Stuff to Google Keep Directly

For customers who rely on Google apps, Google Keep is excellent note-taking software. It’s quick, allows you to take notes in a variety of formats, and connects seamlessly with Google apps. You can rapidly add any page to Google Keep from the right-click menu with this Chrome extension for Keep productivity. You can quickly store anything to Google Keep, whether it’s a webpage, text, or image. If you use Google apps frequently, you should also look into Chrome extensions for them.

Google keep Chrome extension

Add Google Keep Chrome Extension to Chrome

10. Boomerang | Schedule your Email on Gmail

Despite being one of the most widely used email platforms on the planet, Gmail does not allow you to schedule emails. There are Gmail Chrome extensions that address these issues, but we prefer Boomerang, which allows you to schedule Gmail emails. Not only can you schedule an email, but the extension also tells if the recipient has opened and read it. Boomerang’s free plan allows you to schedule 10 emails each month, but for $4 per month, you may schedule an unlimited number of emails.

Boomerang Chrome extension

Add Boomerang for Gmail to Chrome

11. Prioritab | Visualize the Day

On, sometimes, I find myself thinking about how rapidly the hours have passed. Prioritab is a Chrome add-on that helps you keep track of new tabs. It displays data such as the current date and time, the percentage of the day that has passed, and so on. The Chrome productivity add-on also includes a clean and minimalist to-do list.

Prioritab Chrome Extension to boost Productivity

Add Prioritab to Chrome

12. GoFullPage | Capture Full Page Screenshots

Every desktop operating system has its own unique method of collecting screenshots. The keyboard shortcuts for macOS and Windows are CMD+Shift+4 and Win+Shift+S, respectively. None of the operating systems, however, can snap a full-page screenshot of a webpage. GoFullPage is a Chrome plugin that allows you to take a screenshot of a full webpage with a single click. Wait for it to complete capturing before downloading the PDF with the screenshot inside. We’ve discussed Chrome extensions that give you more options when it comes to taking screenshots.

GoFullPage Capture Full Page Screenshots

Add GoFullPage to Chrome

13. FocusMe | Pomodoro for Google Chrome

FocusMe integrates a Pomodoro Timer directly into your Chrome browser, making it one of the most efficient productivity tools available. It has a simple UI that allows you to change your work and break times. When the timer goes off, you start working and are notified when it’s time to take a break.

FocusMe Chrome extension to boost productivity

Add FocusMe to Chrome

14. Time Your Web | Track Your Internet Usage

Time tracking using Chrome extensions may be a good method to keep track of time, but Time in Your Web is a little different. It tracks the amount of time you spend on websites rather than your productivity. If you have numerous tabs open, it will only count the time spent on the active tabs or the one you are now viewing. The data collected by the productivity extension may be exported as a flow chart, stack chart, or summary.

Time your web chrome extension to track time

Add Time Your Web to Chrome

15. Grammarly | Fix Your Grammatical Mistakes in Chrome

Grammarly is one of the most crucial Chrome productivity add-ons to have on hand at all times. It’s small, doesn’t interfere with websites or applications, and just tells you if you’ve made any mistakes in your email or essay. As a writer, I can tell you that you can never have enough proofreading, and Grammarly would make it a lot simpler. It’s free with some limitations and costs $12 per month.

Grammarly Chrome extension for productivity

Add Grammarly to Chrome

16. StayFocusd | Block out Distractions on Chrome

StayFocusd makes blocking unwanted distractions on Chrome a breeze. It’s a Chrome add-on that uses a single mouse click to keep you focused and block out distractions. You may pick active days, active hours, daily reset time, restricted or permitted sites, and a nuclear option, and it’s completely customized. The wonderful thing about the extension is that it already includes all the regular suspects, so you don’t have to manually open each one to block it.

Stayfocusd Chrome extension for productivity

Add StayFocusd to Chrome

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Wrap up: Chrome Extensions for Productivity

These are a few Chrome Extensions for productivity that I find really useful. All the extensions are designed to improve your current workflow and increase your productivity. StayFocusd and Hoverzoom+ are critical components of my workflow. What are your thoughts? What are your favorite productivity Chrome extensions? Please notify me via Twitter.

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