How to Charge Batteries via USB with the ReVolt

If you have a lot of battery-powered devices, you’re probably aware of the cost of replacing batteries on a regular basis. You probably have a drawer full of AAs and AAAs, with the occasional C or D thrown in for good measure. If you obtain the ReVolt, you won’t have to buy batteries again because you can charge batteries via any USB with the ReVolt.

The ReVolt Battery Option

Replace your old alkaline batteries with the ReVolt and charge them as needed using your USB phone charger, computer, power bank, or other compatible devices.

The ReVolt has a design like a regular battery. They’ll fit in the battery compartment of your TV remote, calculator, flashlight, or old Game Boy, among other things. Purchase them in the configuration you require two AAs, three AAAs, and so on. They have a connection to a thin cable shaped like a ribbon.

Revolt Batteries Charge Ribbon Cable

That is where they will remain. You won’t have to remove them from the house to charge them. To charge the ReVolt, the full arrangement replacing your batteries and the USB charging method of your choice are connected through a bridge wire. This will re-charge it for the next use in the same way that your USB gadgets are charged.

You will be utilizing a cleaner replacement that will help the environment, in addition to the apparent benefit of never having to buy batteries again. They can even share the Revolt if you won’t be using two smartphones at the same time. Simply take it out of one and place it in the other.

For quite some time, the Revolt team has been working on the product. They’ve gone through several iterations, had issues with prototypes and manufacturers, and battled with the pandemic. All the problems have now been fixed.

Revolt Batteries Charge Game Boy

The crew even solved a problem with charging via a power bank. These may have a power save feature that causes it to turn off and not reach the target.

It is important to reach a certain point. The circuit board now has a chip that continues to pulse, preventing the power from being turned off.


Are you excited to be able to charge your batteries using ReVolt via USB? A Kickstarter campaign is presently running to raise funds for it. If the campaign obtains the required funds by the end of June, shipping will take place by the end of June. Early bird rates are available for a variety of configurations.

As an early bird special, a two-battery set of AA and AAA costs only €29 (about $35). A six-battery AA and AAA kit costs €49 (about $60), while a 28-battery AA, AAA, C, and D kit costs €99 (roughly $121). There’s even a configuration for folks who are still using 9V batteries, in addition to other options.

Final Words: Charge Batteries USB ReVolt

ReVolt might be an innovative device that solves the problems that alkaline batteries can cause. The only difficulty will be ensuring that it hits the Kickstarter goal.

There have been several other advancements in the field of batteries. Continue reading to discover about a material that was created to extend the life of batteries and graphene’s use in power banks.

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