10 Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10 That Add Features

Although the official YouTube website allows people to watch videos, you may wish to add more options or features to make your experience more enjoyable. For starters, you’ll need a browser to use it. What if you want to save a video, a short clip as a GIF, covert a movie, or extract audio? YouTube’s apps for Windows 10 may be able to help with some of these concerns, allowing you to perform everything we’ve spoken about and then some on your desktop. Read this article to find out about the YouTube apps for Windows 10.

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Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

Except for one, all the YouTube apps we listed are free to download from the Microsoft Store and are fully compatible with the most recent edition of Windows 10. There is a cool feature in third-party software that you should check out.

1. FizzTube

FizzTube is a free YouTube app for Windows 10 that is one of the best and easiest to use. Although it has a premium version, most users who wish to watch YouTube videos in an app rather than on the browser should be fine with the free version. There are no advertisements on the home screen or in the YouTube feed, so you may explore without interruption. All the videos, on the other hand, are played using the built-in Windows 10 video player interface.

Fizztube is youtube app for windows 10


  • The user interface is simple.
  • There are no advertisements on the home screen.
  • Video player with a fly out
  • Option to watch a video again


  • There is no way to manage your subscription or account.
  • There isn’t a way to make the video loop.
  • No way to view the YouTube feed while watching a video
  • No option to manage video quality

Get FizzTube

2. Player for YouTube

Player for YouTube is a simple but useful YouTube software for Windows 10 that comes with only the most basic features. Despite the fact that the video player uses Windows 10 icons, there is a helpful option to control video quality. However, if you want it to function, you must choose the quality from the start. Like the YouTube web app, you can’t modify it on the fly. Aside from that, the search features and filters are excellent for quickly finding movies, channels, and playlists.

Player for youtube interface


  • The user interface is fluid.
  • Filters for searching are included.
  • While watching a video, look at the comments.
  • In the dark mode
  • Take control of your subscription.
  • Video player with picture-in-picture mode


  • There is no way to turn off the dark mode.
  • When the playback begins, the option to alter the video quality does not work.

Get Player for YouTube

3. Audio Player for YouTube

Although the user interface of the Audio Player for YouTube program for Windows isn’t particularly appealing, it performs admirably. You might want to just listen to the audio rather than view the video at times. You can utilize this software in those instances. It has practically all the necessary controls for controlling audio playback. You may pause/play/resume, loop, check the playlist, and so forth.

Audio Player for YouTube


  • Has all the necessary controls for controlling playback.
  • Theme: gloomy
  • While listening to an audio, look for the video.
  • There are numerous search filters available.


  • The user interface appears to be awkward.
  • There is no way to manage your account.

Get Audio Player for YouTube

4. YouTube Converter

YouTube Converter for Windows, as the name implies, allows you to download and convert a YouTube video or simply extract audio from a YouTube video to your PC. When you first launch it, you’ll be prompted to enter the URL of a YouTube video before you can download the material. Although the presentation of many options takes some time, it works well when it comes to downloading films or audio.

Youtube converter home screen on Windows 10


  • There are no complicated options.
  • UI that is simple to utilize
  • Separately download the audio or video.


  • There isn’t a built-in video player.
  • Takes time to present additional options
  • There are no 4K downloads available.

Get YouTube converter

5. Awesome Tube

With a few small oddities, Awesome Tube is one of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10. When it comes to functionality, practically anything is available, except the ability to adjust the video quality while watching a movie. That’s because the option has been hidden in the options menu. Aside from that, you can toggle Autoplay on or off, change themes and fonts, and so on. It also allows you to personalize the UI by enabling or disabling Restricted Mode and Live tiles.

Awesome Tube


  • UI that is not cluttered
  • The playback of the video is fluid.
  • Theme: gloomy
  • Font and accent color can be customized.
  • Restricted operation mode
  • Tiles that are alive
  • Management of the region
  • While watching videos, read the comments.


  • While watching videos, you are unable to modify the video quality.
  • It takes some time for the video to start playing.
  • There is no option to loop.

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6. GoTube

GoTube is a useful YouTube application. The nicest part is that it retrieves and displays the original YouTube plays. In other words, you’ll be able to access all the features available in the official YouTube app. However, if you dislike YouTube’s main video player, this could be a problem. It does, however, allow you to download videos, but only in 480p if you are a free user. A membership, on the other hand, can allow you to download videos in up to 4K resolution.



  • YouTube’s original video player
  • There are numerous choices for controlling the playback.
  • Download 4K video and audio (for a fee).


  • There are numerous commercials.
  • To remove advertising, you’ll need to pay for a membership.
  • There is no way to manage your account or subscriptions.

Get GoTube

7. myTube

Although the video takes a long time to load, myTube hasn’t had any other issues thus far. The nicest part is that all the comments are located on the right-hand side, allowing you to continue viewing the movie while reading the comments. It offers a superior search function that allows users to search for videos, channels, and playlists individually. MyTube, unlike GoTube, allows you to manage your subscriptions. Simply link your Google account.

myTube YouTube App for Windows 10


  • The user interface is fluid.
  • Separate video and audio files can be saved.
  • Look at the right-hand side of the page for comments.
  • Pin the video to the sidebar.
  • Directly from a video, you can access the channel.
  • Theme: gloomy


  • Allow plenty of time to begin watching the video.
  • The option to sign in may not always work.

Get myTube

8. Smart UTube

Despite its complex user interface, Smart UTube contains a wealth of useful functions and options. You won’t have any issues utilizing it to watch a video, save from some weird adverts. The video player isn’t particularly impressive, but there are some other interesting features, such as the ability to download video and audio to your computer. The crucial point is that checking in allows you to control your YouTube account.

Smart UTube


  • Video, audio, and movie interfaces are all separate.
  • The home screen is simple to navigate.
  • Audio and video can be downloaded.
  • Subscriptions are managed.


  • There is no option to download in 4K.
  • There isn’t a way to change the default dark theme.
  • Can’t seem to get the video quality right

Get Smart UTube

9. iTube Player

iTube Player is a straightforward YouTube software for Windows 10 that only allows you to watch YouTube videos. The iTube Player user interface is well-organized, so you won’t have any trouble finding a specific video, channel, or playlist. The app’s only flaw is that it occasionally displays irrelevant search results. Even if you search for a specific channel name, it may display a different name. There’s no option to modify the video quality, either.

iTube Player YouTube App for Windows 10


  • There are no adverts and the user interface is simple.
  • The videos begin to play very instantly.
  • The video can be looped.
  • Theme: gloomy


  • There is no opportunity to manage your account.
  • Sometimes the search results aren’t relevant.

Get iTube Player

10. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is software that allows you to download 4K videos, but you must first obtain a premium license. It has a free trial edition with a restriction of 30 downloads per day. It doesn’t come with a built-in video player, so you’ll need to paste the YouTube video link into the app to start downloading If you copy a link to the clipboard, it will be automatically retrieved when you click the Paste Link button. After that, it prompts you to select video quality, save location, and other options.

4K Video Downloader


  • After that, select the option to download the video.
  • Among other things, it allows you to download 4K videos.
  • Channels to download
  • Playlists can be downloaded.


  • There is no dark mode.
  • There isn’t a built-in video player.

Get 4K Video Downloader (Free, $15)

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Final Remarks: Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

On Windows, there are two sorts of YouTube apps: one that allows you to watch videos and another that allows you to download them to your computer. You can convert it or do whatever you want with it once it’s downloaded. If you require both functionalities, however, most programs will meet your needs. Smart UTube, myTube, and other YouTube apps are among the most useful.

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