8 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC

Are you looking for Best Android Emulator for Windows? Firstly you should have to know a lot more about Android Emulator, why it is used and what kind of tasks it can handle.

What is an Android Emulator?

An Android emulator basically represents a specific Android Device on your computer. It is also known as Android Virtual Device (AVD). Secondly, it is a target platform (like software) to run android operating system on your computer and test your Android application.

Why Android Emulator is used?

An Android emulator enables a user to download & install Android mobile games or apps directly on PC. Therefore, a gamer can enjoy playing games on large screen with extra features like recording, screenshot and use of mouse and keyboard for their feasibility.

There is no issue with battery life of their devices and presence of macrons and many other tricks which are helpful in process.

A developer can also run apps right on top of their desktop or laptop. Before installing in actual device, developer used them to testing apps. Further use is to run WhatsApp or many other applications only available on mobile.

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Android Emulator for Windows

Here is the list of 8 best android emulators you can run on your Windows PC. Moreover, Pros and Cons of these emulators are discussed in detail in this article.

  1. Game Loop
  2. BlueStacks
  3. MEmu Play
  4. Genymotion
  5. NOx Player
  6. Remix OS
  7. Bliss OS
  8. LD Player

1. Game Loop

Game loop android emulator

Game loop, earlier known as Tencent Gaming Buddy”, is top Android emulator for gamer to run on their desktop or Laptop. At first, Gamer only run PUBG on this platform, but Tencent gives great support to game loop and make it able to run large number of Android games like call of duty, free fire and much more.

Game Loop doesn’t support other android apps; it is only faithful to Android gaming. A gamer can run games on big screen and enjoy by using keyboard and mouse and many other features. When you are installing game loop, you can get play store in a setup.

Simply, if you want to play PUBG or other games on your Desktop or Laptop than Game Loop is best android emulator because it has an excellent Keyboard and mouse combination. It is also an official partner of Call of Duty and has great performance.  

2. BlueStacks Android Emulator

bluestacks best android emulator

No Doubt, BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulator among android users. If you are a general user, than it is best android emulator for enjoying android apps on your PC as well as games. It is free to downloads and also have a paid premium version with some extra features.

Free version has some ads but it’s nice to use. As years pass, it has gone through many changes and the present BlueStacks is based on Android 7.1.2 which is NOUGAT. The company is going to launch BlueStacks 5 with a new Oreo based gaming engine. The version of BlueStacks is able to run on any type of hardware window.

Even if you don’t have technical knowledge, you can easily use it. It supports multiple accounts. It has a superior performance.

3. MEmu Play

MEmu Play

MEmu is a new android emulator launched in 2015. It’s again focused on gaming as its name show MEmu Play. It feature is to run multiple instance apps at a time on desktop or Laptop, and for testing different Android apps. It looks like BlueStacks, NOx player and other similar emulators.

Recently it is updated in mid of November 2019 added with smart key mapping, improvements in performance and bug fixes. The best feature of this emulator is that it supports Intel, NVidia chips and AMD CPUs.

A gamer can also run it on Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop. This Android Emulator has optimization feature for game playing. It should be use because of key mapping control, set your present position on Google map and assist different versions. 

4. Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion Android emulator

Looking for developer Android emulator, than Genymotion is best for you. You are able to test apps on different devices as well as with various versions of Android. Looking for an offline window app than Genymotion is best for you. By using web browser, you can run it on cloud. Google play store is installed by using suitable GApps bundle in it.

As it truly designed for developers, it doesn’t support installation of heavy games like PUBG, Call of Duty and free fire. So, the best thing developer enjoy on Genymotion is its combination with their android studio on PC and develop app of their choice of device and platform.

Developers use Genymotion because of many friendly developer features, support Android studio, run on MacOs and Linux, and also support versions of Android from 4.1 to 8.0.

Note: It has free trial of 60 minutes and paid premium of $136 per year.

5. NOx Player

Nox Player

As its name shows NOx Player, It is best emulator for gamer to run on PC. Its support huge games like PUBG and Call of Duty. NOx allows you to choose CPU and RAM usage in settings to get perfect results for your games.

The best feature of NOx is its root access under one minute. Besides playing games you are also able to install other apps from Google play store. This emulator support android lollipop 5 version which might be concern of many peoples.

Gamer has choice to choose game pad, key mapping by using keyboard, recording, select keyboard keys for gestures and many other features which make games flexible to make. It is totally free to download. It is used because single device allows multiple windows, mapping cutoff, access to root and incredible User Interface.

6. Remix OS

Remix OS for Windows PC

Remix OS provide you full-fetched OS based on an android, replace your Desktop window and you are able to enjoy full desktop vision. It is different from other emulator as others run on top of your desktop but for Remix OS you should have to install in separate partition.

A Google former’s employee company “Jide Technology” has owner to build Remix OS. The best part of Remix OS is that you are able to transfer it from one computer to other by using USB port. The drawback of this emulator is; it doesn’t support heavy games.

It is only provide support to android productivity apps. Remember Remix OS is destroyed by its company but you can download its old “Marshmallow” version. Now its recent update supports Android 7 Nougat.

7. Bliss OS

Bliss OS Android Emulator

Bliss OS is a different android emulator, just due to its need of installation on separate OS. You should have to use USB port or virtual box for its installation as Bliss OS only support external storage.

Its installation is difficult as USB installation method but its feasibility is that Bliss OS doesn’t surround ads, is open source and prevent from other android emulator mess up. Its beta version supports Android 9 pie. It also supports Android Oreo without root.

The Bliss OS only work on your window PC if your System has a backup and compatible. As virtual box is used for its installation, so it is difficult to run for a person who doesn’t know the use of Virtual box.

But it is best for you if you want to enjoy fully Android vision of your PC. It is known its unique quality. It is easy and compatible if you do its installation step by step.


8. LD Player

LD Player for PC

LD Player is latest android emulator for windows 10 with optimization ability for games. It is one of the best emulator which is updated every month.

After few month of launching, it has great fan following due to its good performance.  It has ability of good keyboard mapping control, graphical support, multi instance, macrons and high FPS with game oriented features.

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Installation of LD Player is totally free, so you can enjoy sorts of games and apps on your Desktop or PC. The best thing of LD Player is that it doesn’t show too many ads.

LD Player is one of the best Android Emulator as it supports Android 5.1 and 7.1 version while others emulator supports only Android 4.4 version. You can enjoy variety of games like Garena Free Fire, Clash of clans, Black Desert, and many others.

It has Virtualization Technology in settings, gamer can improve his performance by use this technology. Simply LD Player is one of the best, powerful and updated Android Emulator.


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