The 7 Best Add-ons for Firefox on Android

Firefox is one of the most powerful browsers available. It’s quick, secure, and offers a variety of personalization options to help you tailor your browsing experience. Thanks to its handy mobile version, Android users may enjoy all the benefits of this browser as well. Firefox for Android, like its desktop counterpart, provides a wide range of add-ons. While not all desktop extensions are compatible with mobile devices, many of them are. Our picks for the top Firefox for Android add-ons are listed below.

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Best Add-ons for Firefox on Android

1. Dark Reader

While the Dark theme is available in Firefox for Android, switching to it will not darken the websites you browse. The Dark Reader add-on comes in handy in this situation. The extension’s name implies that it can darken web pages, which makes it useful to read the contents of a page at night or in a dark environment.

Dark Reader Best Firefox Add-ons For Android

The add-on does not change image colors; instead, it inverts the colors of the webpage, allowing you to experience the true colors of the images.

2. Video Background Play Fix

The Video Background Play Fix can be a useful add-on for those who enjoy listening to music throughout the day.

Video Background Play Fix

You’ll be able to play YouTube videos in the background from your browser after it’s been installed. (Note that you must use the website to watch videos, not the YouTube app.) All you have to do is start watching the video you want, then exit YouTube and get on with your life. The audio will play in the background, and you’ll get a notification bar when you’re ready to control playback.

3. Ghostery.

Ghostery can provide you with the peace of mind you need if you’re worried about your online privacy. This Firefox add-on for Android will display any script on a webpage that is tracking you.

Best Firefox Add-ons For Android Ghostery.

Additionally, it helps improve your online security by blocking any detected harmful scripts, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected from malicious trackers.

4. AdGuard Ad-Blocker

You’ve most likely used an ad-blocker to avoid annoying adverts from popping up while browsing on your PC. In Firefox for Android, AdGuard Ad-Blocker can achieve this.

AdGuard Ad-Blocker

You’ll be able to block all advertising on the pages you visit after the add-on is installed. (Also, add to the whitelist while you’re at it.) For example, this add-on is all you need to get rid of all those obnoxious YouTube video adverts.

5. Search by Image

Search by image is a sophisticated reverse image search tool for Android that is accessible as an add-on for Mozilla. Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and other popular search engines are supported by the tool.

Search by Image

The plugin allows you to select an image from a page and then search for the image URL by default. Alternatively, you can utilize the context menu and the browser toolbar to upload photographs, record a page area, or just use a URL.

6. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a password manager that works across all of your devices for free. All data is protected on-device with AES-256 encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 before being uploaded to the company’s server, so you can save all your logins and passwords safely.


In addition to securely storing your logins, Bitwarden also functions as a safe password generator. You won’t be tempted to reuse the same password across apps and websites with the help of this extension, keeping your important data safe.

7. HTTPS Everywhere

Another add-on designed to protect your online communications is HTTPS Everywhere. It accomplishes this by automatically utilizing HTTPS encryption — even on sites that default to unencrypted HTTP or populate encrypted pages with links to unprotected sites.

HTTPS Everywhere

You won’t have this difficulty anymore if you install and run this add-on, so you can have a truly safe browsing experience.

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Wrapping Up

If you want a fast and safe browser for Android, Firefox is one of the best options. Firefox makes a good argument for itself when combined with a logical add-on repository. However, there are fewer alternatives than on the desktop, where there are many.

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