4 Ways to Add Address to Google Maps on Mobile

When you’re out and about, Google Maps is the most convenient method to find directions to a location. You only need to specify an origin and a destination, and you’re done. You can manually add a destination or address if it is missing for future reference. Furthermore, you may add your home or business address, for example, to save having to type the address each time. You may simply contribute to the map’s public places. So, if you need to add or change an address on Google Maps, here’s how you can do it on mobile.

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How to Add Address to Google Maps on Mobile

We’ll look at everything from every perspective. Not only can you add a new address, but you can also amend existing addresses and pin places. When you pin a location, it acts as a one-time waypoint; you are not keeping the address for others to find. Let’s take a closer look at how to add an address to Google Maps and utilize it to go where you want to go.

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1. Add Home/Work Address

Adding home and work addresses, as previously indicated, eliminates the need to manually input the address every time you start your automobile. Because we spend the majority of our time commuting between home and work, adding these destinations is useful even if you are booking a cab. To add a new home address, follow the instructions below on Google Maps easily.

1. On your phone, open Google Maps and press the Saved button to get the Saved locations page.

Open Saved location in Google Maps

2. The timeline page will now appear, listing all the sites you’ve visited throughout time. Tap on Labeled under Your listing’s section to add your home or business address. If you haven’t already done so, the Set home address option should appear under both the Home and Work icons.

Open Labelled locations in Google Maps

3. To add the home address, simply pick Home. You may either click Choose on the map or touch on the search box to choose a pre-defined place. This option allows you to more precisely drag and drop the location pin on a map. When you’re finished, click Save at the bottom.

Adding a new home address to Google Maps

4. Both home and work addresses may be easily edited or removed at any moment. There’s also the option of changing the location icon based on the type of place. By pressing the three-dot menu button on the Labeled page, you may edit/remove a place or alter its icon.

Edit home address option

2. Pin a Location or Direction

Using a pin is just a method of precisely locating the desired area. You are not required to save it, but you do have the choice to seek guidance as well as safe or share the pinned location. Another alternative is to pin excursions that you take on a regular basis. Take, for example, the trip from work to home. You can obtain an idea of the ETA (expected time of arrival) for all of your regular journeys this way. On Google Maps, here’s how to pin a place.

1. To pin a specific location, just press and hold the location where you want the pin to be dropped on the map. A red pin will appear at the exact spot once you’ve done that. To save the pinned place, open the location card and select Save to save it to your favorites or other lists.

Aside from that, you may give every pinned location a unique name. This is mostly used to provide a personal, distinct name to a location.

Pin a location in Google Maps

2. The pin direction option makes it simple to retrieve the ETA for your stored sites. To turn it on, go to the bottom right corner and hit the direction symbol, then select your home and work addresses. Now choose your mode of transportation and hit Pin at the bottom. All the pinned instructions, as well as other frequently recommended trips, are available in the Go section (bottom) of Maps’ home screen.

Pin a trip on Google Maps

3. Add/Edit a Missing Place

Google Maps now allows ordinary people to contribute to the improvement of any area’s mapping. You can include landmarks, restaurants, coffee shops, or any other point of interest that you believe would benefit the public. Before you add a location, keep in mind that it will only appear on the map after Google has verified it. Once the location has been successfully added to Google Maps, the user is likely to get a confirmation email.

1. Open Google Maps and press the Contribute (+) button at the bottom to add a missing location. Select the Add Place option at the top to create a new location.

Add place option

2. Fill in all essential information that will be useful after the place is published on the Add a Place page. Name, location, operating hours, contact information, and so forth. When you’re finished, tap the upper right corner’s rightward arrow sign. A user receives points for each successful donation. These may be accumulated over time to get access to experimental features and receive prizes.

Editing location and earning points

4. Add a Business Address

You must have a confirmed business account to add your own business address to Google Maps. From the dashboard of your business account, you can quickly add a location for your company. If you add your business to Google Maps, it will appear at the top of the search results when someone searches for it or a generic word connected to it. In this manner, a consumer may quickly obtain all pertinent information, including the location. For the best support, include a phone number.

1. From the left sidebar, open your business dashboard and select Info. Click the pencil symbol to add a place under the location choice (delivery/home services).

Add business location on Google Maps

2. The Business Location Information page will now appear. Fill in as much information as possible, including the nation, street address, and pin code. To acquire a more exact location, you may also move the pin to the right window pane. When you’re finished, go to the bottom of the page and click Apply.

Add business info to Google Maps

3. Finally, in order to put your company on Google Maps, you must validate it (Home tab). Choose Postcard by mail if the majority of your business is conducted at the venue. If the company is more service-oriented, you may even authenticate your phone number using a code. The verification code will be sent to you immediately if you choose the phone or text option.

Verify Business location on Google Maps

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Closing Remarks: Add an Address on Google Maps

So there are some options for adding an address to Google Maps from a mobile device. If you travel regularly, adding a home and work location is the simplest approach to save time. Furthermore, I strongly advise you to pin your travels, so you don’t have to constantly check your ETA. If you want to help improve Google Maps, adding a missing location is a good way to start.

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